18 & 19/07/21 : Reiki Initiation 1st Degree with Esoteric Knowledge - in English - in El Pla de Manlleu (Tarragona, Spain).

08/08/21, 6pm: Free talk & free 5min Reiki: Essenian Healing Methods & Reiki: what are they, how do they work, why do we need healing today, power of the thoughts, what is happening energetically on Earth and what can we do to help ourselves, others and Mother Earth - in English - in El Pla de Manlleu (Tarragona, Spain).

21&22/08/21: Reiki Initiation 1st Degree with Esoteric Knowledge - in English? - in El Pla de Manlleu (Tarragona, Spain).

Soon: Free Talk: Origins of Humankind, an alternative story. (dates on request).

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